TechFest was an absolute blast! Had the most incredible time!

I played my own material on the Double Slit Guitars stage from 11pm to half past midnight, swiftly followed by taking part in the SuperJam alongside Sam Bell, Derek Blakley, Mike Malyan and more for over 45 minutes!

The next day I was pleased to see everyone return for my hour long masterclass on the same stage.

Thank you so much to TechFest for having me involved!!

I am now so pleased to announce that I will be playing another metal festival! MammothFest takes place at the Green Door Store in Brighton on August 30th-31st! I’ll be playing a number of sets on the 31st.



Endorsed by GruvGear!

July 1, 2014

I am very pleased to announced that I am now endorsed by GruvGear!
I use GruvGear FretWraps, which are used to mute the open guitar strings when tapping or sweep picking, making everything sound cleaner. When not on the fretboard, they stop the strings behind the nut from ringing out. These have been so useful, and I recommend them to all guitarists and bass players.


I am really pleased to announce that I have been featured again in an article on! This time the article is about being a left handed guitarist.

Check out the article here: