“YOWZA!” – Don Dawson of D’Addario Strings.

“Enjoyed listening to your cd. Keep up the good work.” – Preston Reed

“Sean de Burca is a multi-talented guitarist who, as far as I’m concerned, is right up there with the likes of Gordon Giltrap. That he is not forefront on the UK national stage is something of a mystery to me…” – Apollo Records

Impala ’67 is amazing… Its going to be the framework for the next ten years of me learning my instrument. Nice work!” – Hyde Geronimo

“Sean de Burca is a phenomenal young English guitarist. To bracket him with the likes of John Williams, Steve Howe and Steve Hackett would not be overstating the case.” – Robert Kelly

“I’ve seen my share of fingerpicking guitarists, but not many amount to the amount of talent and awesome that Sean de Burca has. I highly encourage you to listen to him. He is like the Tosin Abasi of fingerpicked acoustic music.” – The Music Wall

“Sean is a VERY talented musician! Looking for something relaxing? Check him out! You won’t be disappointed.” – TB Promotions

“I saw you at the Chicago Rock Cafe a few hours ago, your guitar playing really took me to places! Even from a layman’s perspective it was fresh and epic!” – Michael Gadsby

“You are one talented musician!” – Paul Crowe of Uckfield FM

“You are truly gifted. I hope you go onto greater things. I am gobsmacked at your virtuosity!!” – Lynn Meakins

“I am just watching The Lake House on Youtube… Dear God man why aren’t you famous yet?!” – Nix Klyn

“You have an awesome sound man, good to see there are still some talented guitarists out there!!” – Nick Meekham

“You are incredible! I would love to see you play live!” – Stephen Moore


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